Vienna and 30 Mile partner to secure funding to address undersized culverts

April 6, 2024

In early 2024, 30 Mile supported the Town of Vienna by developing and writing a grant proposal for the town to seek funding to address key culvert crossings on town roads that have repeatedly been suffering from severe washouts and road failures. These washouts are a significant threat to water quality in downstream lakes, so addressing them is a priority for 30 Mile. Our proposal was successful in securing a $49,875 grant from the Maine Infrastructure Adaptation Fund (MIAF) through Maine DOT. This funding, matched by $2,625 from the town, will be used to hire a professional engineer to complete the scoping, design, and required environmental permitting necessary to upgrade three stream crossings on Jesse Ladd Road, Kimball Pond Road, and Trask Road in Vienna. 

In March, 30 Mile again assisted Vienna by writing a proposal for the town’s first ever Climate Action Grant through Maine’s Community Resilience Partnership. If awarded, this grant will bring another $50,000 to the town –funding an engineered design at a fourth high-priority culvert crossing, project management and grant seeking by 30 Mile, and the minimum cash match required to apply for additional funding to support the construction of these costly culvert upgrades.

A massive washout on the Trask Road in Vienna after flood waters over-topped an undersized stream crossing during an intense rain event in December 2023.

This article was included in 30 Mile’s April 2024 newsletter. To view the full newsletter, click here.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)