Invasive Plant Patrol

Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP) is a program to detect invasions early and implement a rapid response.

Teams of volunteers survey the lakes, usually by boat, looking for invasive plants. We partner with Lake Stewards of Maine to provide free training for volunteers. The training is not a requirement for getting involved in this effort. We are always in need of volunteers to help paddle boats while the other volunteers look for plants. For more information about the IPP program, visit Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM).

If you are interested in becoming an Invasive Plant Patrol volunteer, please visit our volunteer page.

Get Involved Today!

Between the LSM and 30 Mile, IPP’ers can find all the resources they need (see additional resources below). If you’re looking to get started, contact the coordinator for your lake below.

Is your lake not listed or have additional questions? Reach out to 30 Mile Program Leader & Field Technician Silas Mohlar at

hours spent annually by over 90 trained volunteer and staff Invasive Plant Patrollers surveying lakes and ponds in the 30 Mile River Watershed, looking for infestations of invasive aquatic plants.