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Stopping soil pollution for cleaner lakes

Did you know that soil pollution is the #1 cause of declining water quality in Maine lakes? This is because the soil surrounding our lakes naturally contains phosphorus. Phosphorus is the nutrient that most influences the growth of algae in lake ecosystems. Even small increases in phosphorus can cause substantial increases in algal growth, hindering water quality as well as the economic, recreational, and aesthetic value of our lakes.

With increased development along our lakefronts, rain water now flows faster across the landscape and carries more sediment (and phosphorus!) into our lakes. Controlling erosion on each and every property is important to reducing the collective impact we have on water quality. Request a free site visit by our staff to learn more:

What to expect during our visit

We are available to look at specific problems or simply review your property with you and suggest ways to reduce your impact on the lake. During our visit, we will recommend a variety of best management practices for your property including rain gardens & buffer plantings, water diverters, infiltration steps & trenches, stable pathways, and much more, with a site summary and guidance information provided to you before we leave!

Need an erosion-control or replanting plan for your property?

At an additional fee, our experienced staff can develop a comprehensive site plan for your property, provide guidance or oversight along the way, and can also help obtain any permitting required for your project.


If you are interested in learning more, or would like to arrange a free site visit, please complete the request form and we will get in touch with you.

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Rain garden on Androscoggin Lake

Water bars along an erosion control mulch (ECM) pathway on Flying Pond

Photo Credit: Ned Van Woert (Banner)