Paddle Trek

2022 Recap

13th Annual Paddle Trek a Success!

On Saturday, July 30th, we hosted our 13th Annual Paddle Trek. The weather was perfect for the sixty-one enthusiastic paddlers and many volunteers and spectators who gathered early at Minnehonk Beach in Mount Vernon.

After a quick orientation, a fleet of colorful kayaks, canoes and a standup paddle board launched and headed down the lake to begin the 15-mile paddle, traveling down nine other bodies of water, ending in Wayne Village.

We are thankful for all those who participated in the Paddle Trek and especially grateful to our generous sponsors: Gold sponsor Hammond Lumber; Silver sponsors Longfellow’s Greenhouses, Lakepoint Real Estate, Winthrop Veterinary Hospital, Clark Marine, and Kennebec Cabin Company; and Bronze sponsors Vacasa and Dave’s Appliance. Other sponsors included the Douglas Team at Lakehome Group Real Estate, the Weathervane Restaurant and Lounge, the Olde Post Office Cafe, Tubby’s Ice Cream and the Fayette Fire Department.

Photos: Kerri Weidman (1) and Nancy Hemphill (2)

About the Paddle Trek

The 30 Mile River Watershed Association hosts an Annual Paddle Trek in July. We hope you will join us for all or just a part of this 15-mile guided paddle from Mt. Vernon Village to Wayne Village, traveling along many of the lakes and streams that together form the “30 Mile River.” Beginning on Minnehonk Lake at Mt. Vernon’s Town Beach (meeting at 7AM), the trip route continues down and through Hopkins Pond, Hopkins Stream, Taylor Pond, Echo Lake and its Mill Pond, Lovejoy Pond, Lovejoy Stream, Pickerel Pond, and Pocasset Lake, ending in Wayne Village’s Mill Pond (usually close to 2:30PM).

How it Works

The event is split into four parts – with the option of paddling one, two, three or all four parts.

Paddlers may join the group at any of the three meeting points:

  • Minnehonk Town Beach, Mt. Vernon
  • Echo Lake Boat Launch, Mt. Vernon
  • Lovejoy Pond dam, North Wayne

      Paddlers may end at three locations:

      • Echo Lake Boat Launch, Mt. Vernon
      • Lovejoy Pond dam, North Wayne
      • Memorial Park, Wayne Village


        Please note that times are approximate and will be dependent on paddle
        conditions and the pace of the group. If you are starting at a location
        other than Minnehonk, please wait for us to arrive.

        Virtual Paddle Trek

        Click on the numbers on the map to see images along the Paddle Trek route.

        Title Address Description
        Check-in at Minnehonk Lake
        G227+9P4 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        G227+8M8 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Minnehonk Lake - Start
        G227+7Q4 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Hopkins Stream
        F2P5+P97 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Hopkins Stream
        F2P5+8G9 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Blake Hill Road - Portage
        F2P5+4F8 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Hopkins Stream
        F2J5+VFP Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Hopkins Stream
        FX6X+PMG Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Taylor Pond
        FX5Q+28P Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Taylor Pond - End
        FX3P+CGP Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Taylor/Echo Portage
        FX2P+V9W Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Echo Lake - Start
        FX2P+V9W Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Echo Lake
        CXVJ+7Q7 Mount Vernon, ME, USA
        Echo Lake
        CXJ8+45P Fayette, ME, USA
        Echo Lake - Portage
        CX86+8GF Fayette, ME, USA
        Echo Lake - Portage
        CX86+6JW Fayette, ME, USA
        Echo Lake Outlet Stream
        CX77+V57 Fayette, ME, USA
        Echo Lake Mill Pond
        CX69+86Q Fayette, ME, USA
        Rt 17 - Portage
        CX59+WM3 Fayette, ME, USA
        Lovejoy - Portage
        CX59+RP2 Fayette, ME, USA
        Lovejoy Pond - Start
        CX5C+G2J Fayette, ME, USA
        Lovejoy Pond
        CX4C+284 Fayette, ME, USA
        Lovejoy Dam - Portage
        9XF8+VCQ Wayne, ME, USA
        Lovejoy Dam - Portage
        9XF8+9C5 Wayne, ME, USA
        Lunch Spot
        9XF8+58G Wayne, ME, USA
        Lovejoy Stream
        9XF8+28Q Wayne, ME, USA
        Pickerel Pond
        9X84+Q2C Wayne, ME, USA
        Pocasset Lake
        9WCV+62R Wayne, ME, USA
        Wayne Mill Pond
        8WXJ+HHQ Wayne, ME, USA
        517 Main St, Wayne, ME 04284, USA
        End at Memorial Park
        8WXJ+CG5 Wayne, ME, USA

        Frequently Asked Questions

        We encourage you to read the FAQs carefully. If your question is not answered, please email 30 Mile’s Executive Director, Lidie, at

        How far is the trip?

        The trip is about 15 miles if you complete the whole thing, but there are options to do one or more sections.

        Do I have to paddle the whole trip?

        No. The trip is split into four parts. You may do as many or as few as you like. You may start the trip at the Minnehonk Town Beach (Mt. Vernon), the Echo Lake boat launch (West Mt. Vernon, near the Chimney), and the Lovejoy Pond dam in North Wayne. You may end the trip at the Echo Lake boat launch, Lovejoy Pond (behind the Fayette General Store), the Lovejoy Pond dam, or Memorial Park in Wayne Village.

        How long will it take?

        The entire trip takes about seven hours, including breaks. Please see the schedule in “How it Works” for more information.

        What is a portage? How many are there?

        Portage means that you must pick up your canoe or kayak and carry it from one body of water to another because of a dam or other impasse. You will be responsible for portaging your own boat. Portages are up to 300 yards long, often on rough ground, and are difficult for some people. A kayak/canoe dolly cart may be helpful if you have one; several of the portages are on even ground. Depending on water levels in the streams, there are 4-6 portages in the trip.

        What are typical paddling conditions?

        We will be paddling a variety of lakes and streams. Conditions vary depending on water levels and wind. The calmest paddling tends to be on Minnehonk Lake, Hopkins Stream, Lovejoy Pond, Lovejoy Stream and Pickerel Pond. The stronger winds and larger waves are usually on Echo Lake and Pocasset Lake. If water levels are high enough, we are able to avoid two of the portages and paddle the streams at the outlets of Minnehonk Lake and Echo Lake, which both have swifter current and a few riffles and rocks, but that typically does not happen.

        What pace do people go?

        There is always a wide variety of abilities but you will need to paddle at a steady, moderate pace and stay behind the leader. This event is not a race. The group will get spread out, but we are careful that no one gets left behind.

        Do I need to provide my own boat?

        Yes! BUT if you need a kayak, we do have a few that we will be renting on a first come, first serve basis. The cost is $20 for a single kayak. Please contact Lori ( to reserve a kayak.

        What kind of boat do I need?

        Past participants have used kayaks or canoes, although standup paddle boards are welcome. We’ve had boats in a variety of shapes and sizes on past trips. The ideal boat is one that tracks well on open water but is also maneuverable in streams. Because of the portages, very heavy or very long boats can be more challenging. Shorter, sit-on-top kayaks do not work well on the larger lakes.

        What are the physical fitness requirements for participating?

        Portages are up to 300 yards long and can be difficult for some people. (See below for details on portages). The trip is most enjoyable if you are fit enough to carry your boat (with a partner) and paddle at a steady rate. It works best when everyone works together, helping out those who need it.


        How do I get back to my car at the end of the day?

        We ask Paddle Trekkers to provide their own transportation back to their starting point, when possible, by shuttling another vehicle or arranging a ride. If you aren’t able to make arrangements and need transportation, volunteers will be available to transport one person from each group back to their car. To ensure we have enough drivers, you will need to sign up for this in advance when you register.


        What do I need to bring?

        In addition to you kayak or canoe, bring lunch, lots of water, sunscreen, a lifejacket, and sturdy footwear for portages and stream-walking (NOT flip-flops or Crocs).

        Will there be bathrooms along the way?

        There are porta-potties or outhouses at the Minnehonk boat launch, Echo Lake boat launch, North Wayne dam and Wayne village.

        Will you cancel the trip if it rains?

        We will only cancel the trip in the event of heavy rain or thunderstorms. If we do need to cancel, we will email all participants, post on Facebook, and leave a message on our voicemail, 860-4043.

        Do I need to register ahead of time?

        We strongly prefer for you to register in advance, but we do allow same-day registrations.

        How many people go on the trip?

        In past years, 50-65 people have paddled, though not everyone does the whole route. The group gets fairly spread out, so it doesn’t feel crowded.

        Register for the Paddle Trek

        Registration is currently closed and will reopen for our 14th Annual Paddle Trek in June 2023. We hope to see you next year!