Save Androscoggin - Campaign for a Healthy Lake

Algal blooms and invasive milfoil have created a crisis on Androscoggin Lake. 30 Mile and the Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corp (ALIC) are partnering to raise $150K to fund a three-year intensive effort to address these urgent needs.

Why is this urgent?

In 2020, the invasive aquatic plant variable water milfoil was discovered in Androscoggin Lake. Invasive milfoil, when left alone, will spread and devastate the lake by squeezing out native plants, a natural food source and habitat, drastically altering the delicate relationships in the food web and ruining recreational activities. While we had great success removing much of the milfoil in 2021, survey and removal efforts were halted in September when an algal bloom appeared on the lake.

The algal bloom, likely caused by phosphorus loading from the surrounding watershed, turned the water green, reduced visibility, and could be toxic to pets and humans.

Androscoggin is more at risk than ever before.

Our Goal: $150,000

Every dollar raised in the “Save Androscoggin” Campaign will help pay for resources we need over the next three years to work toward eradicating invasive milfoil and reducing the chance of recurring algae blooms.

Your gift will support:

  • Fighting the invasive milfoil infestation that, without intervention, would take over the lake. This will include extensive monitoring and removal of the milfoil.
  • Conducting an in-depth watershed survey to study the land use surrounding the lake and the Dead River to identify threats to water quality.
  • Increasing water quality monitoring to collect extensive data needed to better document changes and trends over time.
  • Developing a Watershed Protection Plan that will lay out a strategy for watershed management over a 5-10 year period.
  • Educating and supporting landowners to reduce runoff and protect water quality by providing technical assistance, guidance, and individualized recommendations for their properties.
  • Applying for grants to address the largest erosion threats on the lake.

Donate to Save Androscoggin Today!

Your gift will have an impact now and in the future, addressing urgent needs on Androscoggin Lake.