The Battle Against Invasive Milfoil on Androscoggin Lake

June 22, 2022

We had great success removing the invasive milfoil on Androscoggin Lake last year, until the algal bloom forced us to end our work for the season. This year, we have discovered that the milfoil infestation has spread beyond the restricted area. 30 Mile and ALIC are taking immediate action to deal with this threat. To learn more about what has been done so far and additional action steps that are planned, please participate in a short virtual meeting.

Beating milfoil will require a team effort from everyone who cares about Androscoggin Lake. You will learn about new areas of milfoil infestation, what parts of the Inner Cove to stay away from, what to do if you spot a milfoil plant, and how to handle situations if boaters are violating warnings to stay out of infested areas.