Landowner Tip: Managing Roof Runoff

May 25, 2022

Just like runoff from other impervious surfaces like roads, driveways, and patios, rainwater from roofs can send large volumes of water at high enough velocities to cause serious erosion issues on your property if not addressed. One way to combat erosion caused by roof runoff is by installing devices that capture and/or infiltrate the rainwater. This prevents erosion, improves water quality in the lake, and also minimizes wear and tear on your home.


If your home or camp has gutters with downspouts

Dry Wells

Dry wells installed at your gutter downspouts collect roof runoff and turn it into groundwater

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels capture rainwater from your gutters and save it for later use to water lawns, gardens, or indoor plants

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an attractive way to manage roof runoff on your property by creating a bowl-shaped flower bed or vegetated area that collects runoff and allows it to slowly soak into the ground

No gutters? No problem!

Drip Line

A dripline trench installed at your roof driplines collects runoff and stores it until it soaks into the soil

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)