Landowner Tip: Lakes Like Less Lawn

June 22, 2022

It’s true, lakes like less lawn…or better yet, no lawn at all! Did you know that your lawn, though technically “vegetation”, acts like an impervious surface when it rains – much like a road, driveway, or deck? Smooth, flat lawn areas aren’t able to slow and trap rainwater flowing downhill, and the shallow root systems of grasses absorb less water, and do little to prevent soil erosion.

The best thing for the lake is a natural stand of vegetation made up of a variety of groundcovers, shrubs, trees, and even flowering perennials that can slow down and capture rain runoff, and that have deep root systems that hold soil in place, absorb lots of runoff, and filter out pollutants.

Our friends at Portland Water District and Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) created the guide Lakes Like Less Lawn, a great resource for landowners looking for guidance for native plants suitable for their specific shoreline conditions. We hope that you check it out and learn more about how to reduce the impact your lawn might have on the lake.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)