FUNDED: Androscoggin Lake Watershed Protection Project, Phase I

October 17, 2023

Following the Androscoggin Lake watershed survey in 2022, 30 Mile developed a watershed-based protection plan to serve as a road map for watershed and water quality remediation efforts over the next 10 years. This plan was approved by the US EPA and Maine DEP in 2023. 30 Mile then applied for and was awarded federal Clean Water Act grant funding of $149,730 to start implementing priority actions set forth in the new plan as part of the Androscoggin Lake Watershed Protection Project, Phase I.  This much-needed project brings funding to the Androscoggin Lake watershed over the next two years, and will largely support construction costs associated with improvements to town roads, private roads, and public and private properties throughout the watershed. The goal of this project is to reduce erosion and phosphorus loading to the lake in order to prevent future algal blooms.

Funding for this project, in part, is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The funding is administered by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with EPA. EPA does not endorse any commercial products or services mentioned.

This article was included in 30 Mile’s October 2023 newsletter. To view the full newsletter, click here.