Finding Milfoil: Volunteers Needed

May 24, 2021

Beginning this week, staff from 30 Mile will be back out on Androscoggin Lake, looking for new invasive plant growth and plants we missed last fall. Maine DEP divers will survey the deeper areas of the cove. As we find invasive milfoil, we will carefully remove it. This intensive effort will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

We also must confirm, through a full lake survey, that the milfoil isn’t growing anywhere else in the lake. Androscoggin is a big lake and there are many places where variable milfoil could be. This effort will be ongoing throughout the summer and will depend upon the support of MANY volunteers.

If you are already a trained volunteer, we are counting on you now more than ever. If you are not yet trained but eager to help, we will be offering several trainings throughout the season – no experience necessary. What’s involved in volunteering? You will spend time on the water, on your own schedule, looking for plants that don’t belong. Many different species of native (good) plants grow in the lake, and several are look-alikes for variable water-milfoil, so basic knowledge of plant identification is important. Most surveying is conducted from the surface, with the naked eye when conditions allow, or with a scope, as shown here. ANY time you can spend looking for invasives while you are out enjoying the lake is helpful. The more eyes the better!

To volunteer on Androscoggin or become a plant surveyor for another lake in the watershed, please contact Lidie at