Fighting Invasive Milfoil in Androscoggin Lake – Volunteers Needed

August 12, 2023

Since early June, we have been working hard to remove the Variable Leaf Milfoil (VLM) in the Inner Cove of Androscoggin Lake. Now in our third full season of managing this infestation discovered in 2020, our staff survey the cove for VLM plants 3+ days/week. Through August 11th, we’ve found 11 plants, significantly fewer than the number found by this time in previous seasons. SCUBA divers on our team have now completed two removal sessions this summer, carefully removing all plants found. 

As our seasonal staff soon head back to school, we are looking for volunteers to help us survey. Please reach out to if you are interested in joining us during the late summer and early fall.

Our survey and dive team preparing for the second round of milfoil removal last week

Locations of VLM plants found in the Inner Cove: Yellow: 2020-2021; Green: 2022; Blue: 2023

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