Celebrating Seasonal Staff

September 9, 2023
We have wrapped up another great summer with our seasonal staff – 9 total – all vital to delivering our programs that fulfill our mission to work as a community for clean and healthy lakes, ponds, and streams in our watershed.

THANK YOU for your hard work and the positive impact you made in our watershed, and the communities and water within it!

Frank Chin, Courtesy Boat
Inspector Coordinator

Katie Cilley, YCC Crew 

Tom Davis, Courtesy Boat Inspector

Lina Martinez, Courtesy Boat Inspector

Iris Petrin, Courtesy Boat Inspector,
Milfoil Survey Team

Grant Regan-Loomis, Courtesy Boat Inspector, Milfoil Survey Team, YCC Crew

Moriah Reusch, Courtesy Boat Inspector,
YCC Crew

Brynne Robbins, Milfoil Survey Team 

Ryker Sampsom, Courtesy Boat Inspector 

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Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)