Another Successful Season of Water Quality Monitoring

December 8, 2022

30 Mile staff, alongside our many dedicated volunteers, monitored water quality in 11 lakes and ponds this year – completing more than 80 sampling events! We are now in the midst of data entry and analysis, and over the winter will be compiling or findings into our annual lake reports. In the meantime, check out the dissolved oxygen/temperature profiles and clarity readings we collected this season by visiting our website

A BIG THANKS to volunteers who made this program possible in 2022:

Androscoggin Lake

  • Patt Koscinski
  • Allen & Cynthia Unrein
  • Buddy Cummings
  • Ian Barclay

Minnehonk Lake

  • Jane & Carl Rogers

Echo Lake

  • Gary Phillips

Parker Pond

  • Bob Weimont & Maggie Chadwick
  • Sue Knorr & family

Flying Pond

  • Len & Debbie Roe
  • Randy & Wendy Oakley

Kimball Pond

  • Libby & Allan Harville

Pocasset Lake

  • Jeremy Smith
  • Deb Duplisea
  • Will Jennings
  • Lloyd Irland

David Pond

  • Kirstie Ludwig
  • Fred Jackman

Tilton Pond

  • Jim Brogan

Basin Pond

  • Bill Young

  • Cindy Ripley

  • Nick & Elsie Baker

Lovejoy Pond

  • Ted & Mary Becker
  • Deb Aseltine

This article was included in 30 Mile's December 2022 newsletter. To view the full newsletter, click here.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)