Invasive Milfoil in Androscoggin Lake

May 24, 2021

With the summer season almost here, we are ramping up to fight the new invasive milfoil infestation on Androscoggin Lake. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of what happened last fall.

In September, a volunteer member of the invasive plant patrol team for Androscoggin’s lake association (ALIC) found a suspicious plant in the Inner Cove at the northern end of the lake, near the public boat launch. DNA testing confirmed the plant was invasive variable water-milfoil. Water-milfoils are rooted, submersed aquatic plants that grow in lakes and streams. Five species are native to Maine; two invasive species threaten Maine’s waters.

Because attacking an infestation early provides the best hope, 30 Mile and ALIC immediately went to work with the Maine DEP and Lake Stewards of Maine to implement a rapid response. After two long days of surveying and two days of removing plants, by mid-October we had done everything we could for the season, removing all the plants we had found.