Youth Conservation Corps returns in 2022!

January 24, 2022

Have you noticed soil erosion on your property?

Not sure what to do about it?

30 Mile’s Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is here to help!

30 Mile employs a team of local high school and college students each summer to provide a low-cost, environmentally-friendly landscaping option to shorefront property owners in the 30 Mile River watershed. The 30 Mile YCC crew ultimately works to protect water quality in our lakes by reducing the amount of sediment and phosphorous reaching our lakes – one property at a time.

Buffer Plantings | Driveway Runoff Diverters | Roof Runoff Solutions | Rain Gardens | Stable Paths & Walkways | Shoreline Stabilization | and more!

Host the 30 Mile YCC crew this summer, and you will receive:
  • A free site visit to your property by technical staff & on-site recommendations
  • A complimentary project plan, if requested
    Permitting assistance and waived Maine DEP permit fees*
  • Cost-sharing with 30 Mile to significantly reduce the labor expense of your project

If you are interested in the services of 30 Mile’s YCC Program, or would like to arrange a free site visit, please complete the YCC Project Request Form
or visit the Youth Conservation Corps page on our website.


*Maine DEP will waive the $250 permit fee for Permit By Rule notification applications for projects implemented through 30 Mile’s YCC Program, with the exception of projects that will install shoreline riprap and infiltration steps.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)