Thank You 2023 Water Quality Monitoring Volunteers!

December 21, 2023

30 Mile staff, alongside 28 dedicated volunteers, monitored water quality in 13 lakes and ponds this year – completing more than 112 sampling events! We are now completing our data analysis, then will be compiling our findings into our annual lake reports. In the meantime, check out the dissolved oxygen/temperature profiles and clarity readings we collected this season by visiting our website.

Through our monitoring program, we collect extensive data to track the health of our lakes and ponds. We measure water clarity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, chlorophyll, pH, alkalinity, conductivity, and color. We monitor bi-weekly, May-October. Volunteers work alongside our staff, in a canoe or motor boat, assisting in data collection. Volunteers who complete training and annual recertification with Lake Stewards of Maine may become certified to collect data themselves. There are roles for both trained and untrained volunteers to support our program. To support our water quality monitoring program as a volunteer, or become a certified volunteer monitor, please contact 30 Mile’s Program Director, Whitney Baker: or (207) 860-4043.

BIG THANKS to volunteers who made this program possible in 2023:

Androscoggin Lake: Ian Barclay, Leslie Burhoe, Patt Koscinski**, Allen & Cynthia Unrein

Basin Pond: Bob Harradon

David Pond: Bob Harradon, Kirstie Ludwig

Echo Lake: Gary Phillips**

Flying Pond: Nancy Hemphill, Bill & Cindy Murphy, Randy & Wendy Oakley, Len & Debbie Roe, Steve Trehu

Hales Pond: Steve Foster

Kimball Pond: Libby & Allan Harville

Lovejoy Pond: Ted & Mary Becker

Minnehonk Lake: Greg Cauldwell, Christine Merchant, Jane & Carl Rogers

Parker Pond: Brynne Robbins, Ken Tillman, Bob Weimont & Maggie Chadwick

Pocasset Lake: Deb Duplisea*, Will Jennings, Jeremy Smith

Tilton Pond: Jim Brogan*

Whittier Pond: Sheri Shunney*, Ned and Kay Van Woert*

*Certified Volunteer Monitor – Secchi Disk Transparency

**Certified Volunteer Monitor – Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature and Secchi Disk Transparency

Ted Becker rowing back to shore from the monitoring station on Lovejoy Pond 

Gary Phillips checks his dissolved oxygen (DO) meter before recording a DO & Temp profile on Echo Lake

Allen Unrein and Patt Koscinski during a 2023 monitoring trip on Androscoggin Lake

This article was included in 30 Mile’s December 2023 newsletter. To view the full newsletter, click here.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)