Thank You 2023 IPP volunteers!

December 21, 2023

90+ volunteers across nine different lakes and ponds throughout the watershed completed surveys for invasive aquatic plants this year! A huge THANK YOU to all the members of the individual lake associations’ teams who took part in this important effort to identify invasive aquatic infestations early. 

Looking to join your lake’s IPP team or get one started? Reach out to and check out our Invasive Plant Patrol website page for more information.

Androscoggin Lake (ALIC): Robert Anderson, Janet & Vic Bernhard, Beth & Jim Breazeale Jennifer Brown, Bill Cousins, Buddy Cummings (coordinator), Linda Gatti-Fyler, Nancy Hasenfus, Patt Koscinski, Margaret Lane, Katherine Mahoney, Susan Reed, Fred Tucci, Ted Tucci, David VanCott, Karen Webster

Basin Pond (BDTPA): Bob Capers

David Pond (BDTPA): Bob Capers (coordinator), Deb Cayer, Steve Smith-Erb

Echo Lake (ELA): Dan Auclair, Lou Aurelio, Joy Beekman, Sue Callaghan, Carolyn Currier, Charlie Elvin, Stephanie Flanagan, Petey Flood, Carol Fuller, Dave Fuller, Bradley Hayward, Len Hirsh, Tom Hoegeman, Teresa Johnson, Kevin Kinney, Peggy Lancaster, Jim LePage, Dick McKeen, Pat Mooney, Doug Phillips, Rachel Shearer, Alison Smith (coordinator), Jon Waleski, Pat Waleski, Geoff Williams, Eva Yarger

Flying Pond (FPIA): Nancy Brooks, Marsha Clark, Gary Cortelyou, Gary Fish, Darlene Fontaine, Paul Fontaine, Peter Goffin, Jon Groetzinger, Donna Maskwa, Bill Murphy, Randy Oakley, Alice Olson, Cindy Ripley, Deb Roe, Bill Steinour, Pat Thompson, Beth Trehu, Stephen Trehu, Mary Viruleg, Jacque Ward, John Zacker (coordinator)

Lovejoy Pond (LPIA): Mary Becker, Barbara Chisholm (coordinator), Theresa Petersen, Sookie Weymouth

Minnehonk Lake (GMLA): Tom Arminio (coordinator), Mark Cross, Linda Fish, Remi French

Parker Pond (PPA): Liz Beal, Mark Brigham, Deb Cayer, Trisha Cheney, Sarah Cowperthwaite, Sue Knorr, John Lanoue, John Linton, Linda & Greg Nelson, Matt Palmariello, Lidie Robbins (coordinator), Josh Robbins, Karen & Bill Rogers, Susan & Gerry Tinguely

Pocasset Lake (PLA): Don Fyler, David Randall, Dick Windecker (coordinator). During our plant patrol workshop in August, we trained 13 additional volunteers!

IPP volunteer Sue Heard, checks out a native milfoil patch in Pickerel Pond stream during an IPP trainng by 30 Mile that was hosted by the Pocasset Lake Association (PLA). 

2023 IPP training on Pocasset Lake!

Don & Desi Fyler take a closer look at some native plants in Pocasset Lake.

This article was included in 30 Mile’s December 2023 newsletter. To view the full newsletter, click here.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)