FAQs: 30 Mile’s Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Program

March 16, 2023

The YCC program is a low-cost, environmentally-friendly landscaping option for shorefront property owners in the 30 Mile River watershed. 30 Mile’s YCC crew ultimately works to protect water quality and reducing the amount of sediment and phosphorus reaching our lakes by installing conservation practices that correct erosion problems and capture and treat stormwater runoff.

Below is a list of questions most frequently asked by watershed residents who want to learn more about this awesome program:

How do I sign up for a project?

Go to 30 Mile’s YCC webpage and fill out the YCC Landowner Request Form, and we will reach out to schedule a free site visit. Our staff will look at specific problems, or simply review your property and suggest ways to reduce your impact on the lake.

Are the YCC crew members volunteers?

YCC crew members are paid seasonal staff, employed by 30 Mile. Since 2010, 30 Mile has employed a team of 4-7 local high school and college students every summer to install YCC projects.

What kinds of projects do you do?

Dripline Trenches Stable paths and walkways
Dry Wells Rubber Razors
Infiltration Trenches Waterbars
Infiltration Steps (retrofit) Open-Top Culverts
Rain Gardens Erosion Control Mix (ECM)
Shoreline Buffer Plantings …And More!

How much does it cost?

YCC project hosts pay for the cost of materials, and just 25% of the total labor cost to install the project. The homeowner’s share is $375/day, and projects typically take between 0.5 and 2 days to complete.

What other benefits do YCC project hosts receive?

Homeowners will receive a free site visit & recommendations from 30 Miles staff. YCC project hosts will also receive a complimentary project site plan, materials list with cost estimates, permitting assistance & waived Maine DEP permit fees*, and cost-sharing with 30 Mile to significantly reduce the labor expense of your project (75% of the labor costs).

How do I qualify for a project?

Project sites must be in the 30 Mile River Watershed, and have the potential to harm water quality. Projects are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to severe erosion problems.

When will the crew complete my project?

30 Mile’s YCC crew works Monday through Wednesday for roughly six weeks each summer (late June – early August), completing between 10 and 20 projects per season. Projects are scheduled well in advance to allow enough time for the necessary materials to be delivered and on-site prior to the expected start date.

For more information, visit 30 Mile’s YCC webpage, or contact 30 Mile’s Program Manager, Whitney Baker, at whitney@30mileriver.org or (207) 860-4043.

*Maine DEP waives the $250 fee for Permit By Rule notification applications for projects implemented by 30 Mile’s YCC Program, with the exception of projects installing shoreline riprap and infiltration steps.  30 Mile’s YCC crew no longer installs these two practices.

A rain garden installation by 30 Mile’s YCC crew captures and treats runoff draining from above.

Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)