Androscoggin, Echo, Flying, Lovejoy, Parker and Pocasset included in shoreline study

May 23, 2024

Six lakes in the 30 Mile River watershed were included in this study of over 100 lakes and ponds statewide: Androscoggin Lake, Echo Lake, Flying Pond, Lovejoy Pond, Parker Pond, and Pocasset Lake. 

Find out how healthy the littoral habitat on YOUR lake is Check out the results in Assessment indices of littoral habitat condition for lakes in Maine and New England, United States, by Deeds et al. Available for FREE until June 2024.

Shoreline development and human activity can harm important shallow-water (littoral) habitats that are vital to a healthy lake ecosystem. Removal of vegetation and woody debris (sticks, downed trees, etc), coarse shoreline substrates (rocks, gravel, etc.), and more polluted runoff can influence the lake-wide food web and overall health of the lake.

This new paper by Maine DEP Aquatic Ecologist, Jeremy Deeds, and others, highlights the work they are doing in Maine to assess the condition of lake littoral zones, quantify the impacts from development, and create new metrics to help us improve and better protect our lakes.

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Photo Credit: Josh Robbins (Banner)