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Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI)

Public boat launches throughout the watershed are attended by staff and volunteer inspectors, talking with boaters and inspecting their watercraft as they launch and remove their boats. By donating their time, Volunteer boat inspectors allow us to have greater coverage at boat launches throughout the summer to protect Maine lakes!  Volunteering for as little as 2 days a month can greatly expand our ability to protect the watershed.  Find out more about our CBI Program here.

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Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP)

Invasive Plant Patrols are a great way to spend time on your favorite body of water.  30MRWA holds IPP workshops throughout the summer that provide training in survey techniques and plant identification.  Volunteers can go out on their own or in small groups looking for invasive aquatic plants to detect any potential invasions early.  Swimmers and Paddle-boarders have found this to be a great way to help protect the lakes while enjoying their time on the water!  As an Invasive Plant Patroller on your favorite pond, you will be part of a network of volunteers all across the state providing early detection and rapid response these lake threats.  To find out more- Fill out the volunteer interest form.

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