Blue Diamond Donor Challenge

30 Mile River Watershed Association invites you to become a Blue Diamond Donor with a gift of $1,000 or more. These gifts are the cornerstone of our ability to protect and preserve our lakes.

Why Now?

Our waters are more at risk than ever before. With a newly discovered infestation of invasive milfoil right here in our watershed, our work has become even more important and urgent. All of our programs promote long-term, sustainable change and foster stewardship of the watershed.

Our Goal: $50,000

With 40 new gifts of $1000+ by December 31st, we can build our stewardship capacity, expand our outreach and communications, increase water monitoring, more rapidly respond to new threats, and pursue unique opportunities to care for our precious lakes.

Blue Diamond Donor Challenge Goals

Build Capacity for Stewardship

To protect our waters, we must increase our capacity for stewardship work. Collecting scientific data on the water quality in our lakes and ponds is a vital piece of this effort. Fighting the new infestation of invasive plants now in our watershed will involve ongoing remediation and more extensive monitoring of the other lakes and ponds. All these efforts will require increased staffing, volunteer training and coordination, and project management.

Increase Outreach and Communications

In order to preserve and protect our watershed, pure and simple, we need to “get the word out” with greater frequency and to more people. 30 Mile has hired and must continue to fund talented and experienced staff dedicated to organizational outreach, communications, site visits, property management guidance, and volunteer coordination.

Increase Scope and Frequency of Our Programs

Given the growing threats in our watershed, increased funding is required to expand water quality monitoring to more lakes, increase the frequency of plant surveys to stay ahead of infestations and intervene quickly, and provide more Youth Conservation Corps remediation projects.

Build a Resilience Fund

While we raise funds from grants, lake associations, towns, and businesses to meet our budgetary obligations, gifts from individuals, particularly leadership gifts of $1,000+, secure our cash flow, enabling us to be more proactive in responding to emergencies, and pursue unique opportunities to protect our lakes.

Become a Blue Diamond Donor Today!

Your gift will have an impact now and in the future, preserving our fragile lakes for generations to come.