Conservation Practices

Open-top Culverts  and rubber razor blades are water-diverting tools that can help divert runoff away from roads and driveways.









Dripline Trenches prevent erosion from roof runoff, and minimize the effect of backsplash on your house.








Erosion Control Mix (ECM) 
is a kind of mulch made of partially composted bark, sand, gravel, stone, and wood fragments. Its unique mixture of elongated fibers, gravel, and soil lock together to protect the underlying soil from erosion. 

Vegetated Buffers include trees, shrubs, and perennials along shoreline. Ditches and streams helps slow the flow of runoff into the lake, allowing excess surface water to infiltrate and prevent erosion. 








Infiltration Steps
are timber steps filled with crush stone. They prevent erosion and runoff from foot traffic on steep slopes. They also provide attractive, safe paths through steep areas.








Drywells collect and infiltrate runoff at gutter downspouts and other places where large quantities of concentrated water flow off rooftops.