Voluntary Milfoil Stickers

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MILFOIL Canoe sticker 2017

New this season, watershed associations across Maine have teamed up for an easy and tangible way to combat invasive aquatic plants with a voluntary “Milfoil Sticker” for passive watercraft.  By voluntarily purchasing a weather-proof, vinyl “Milfoil Sticker” for your canoe, kayak, or sailboat, you are helping to spread the word about the important of controlling these invasive plants and showing your love of the lakes and ponds in our watershed.


These stickers will be sold across the state for a suggested donation of $5.00 and proceeds will help to find local boat inspection and plant removal programs.  In our watershed, stickers will be available at lake association meetings, 30 MRWA events, our Farmington office, or by contacting Katie at kchurch@30mileriver.org.