Support Legislation

Please help Maine Lakes by Supporting LD 235 and LD 216

Two bills are coming to the Maine Legislature that need our support to increase protections from septic waste and invasive species: Increase of Milfoil Sticker Bill Pic

LD 235 is a bill that will increase the price of the “milfoil sticker” associated with boat registrations. This will create much-needed funds for Courtesy Boat Inspections and invasive plant control efforts throughout Maine that protect our waters from the devastating effects of invasive aquatic plants. With the growing risk of invasives, coupled with the increase in the minimum wage, the $10 sticker enacted in 2001 no longer adequately supports these programs. The future of this vital work is uncertain if this bill fails to pass. Please contact your legislators to let them know you value protecting our lakes and ponds from invasive aquatic species and ask for their support of LD 235. To read the full text of the bill click here.

Septic System Bill Pic

Another important bill, LD 216 will make septic system inspections mandatory within the Shoreland Zone before a property is sold. Failing septic systems can leach harmful phosphorus, chemicals, and bacteria into groundwater and lakes, which can lead to dangerous algal blooms. Many of the systems around lakes are old and may need to be replaced. This inspection requirement is already in place for properties on the ocean, and extending it to inland waters is a great step for our lakes. To read the full text of the bill click here.


What you can do: 

(1) Spread the word about these bills by forwarding this message on to members of your lake association.

(2) Write or call your legislator. Contact information is below.

It is especially important for members of the two committees to hear from their own constituents. For a list of who is on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee (LD 216), click here. For the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee (LD 235), click here.

Everything you need to help support these bills can be found on the Maine Lakes Society website here.

Who to contact:
Rep. Dennis Keschl (District 76 – Fayette, Vienna, Mt. Vernon, Wayne)
Rep. Randall Hall (District 114 – Chesterville)
Rep. Joshua Morris (District 75 – Leeds)
Rep. Craig Hickman (District 81 – Readfield)
Rep. Scott Landry Jr. (District 113 – New Sharon
Sen. Russell Black (District 13 – Chesterville, Vienna, Mount Vernon, Fayette, New Sharon)
Sen. Jeffrey Timberlake (District 22 – Wayne, Leeds)
Sen. Shenna Bellows (District 14 – Readfield)