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30 Mile River Watershed Association
P.O. Box 132
Mount Vernon, Maine 04352


When so many organizations are asking you to give, you may be wondering–why choose 30MRWA?


Because our lakes are under attack.

Climate change is causing major changes in Maine, including in our lakes:

  1. Lake temperatures are warming. Warmer temperatures in lakes today are limiting habitats for cold water fish and creating ideal conditions for increased algal blooms that deplete oxygen levels and choke out sunlight.
  1. Severe storms are becoming more frequent. The frequency and intensity of large rain events in the Northeast has increased dramatically over the last 2 decades, and are projected to continue. Large storms increase erosion and wash soil and other pollutants into our lakes.
  1. Invasive aquatic plants are spreading. The distribution of invasive aquatic plants has expanded and are now found in many lakes surrounding our watershed. Invasive plants can become established and spread easily, and trying to control them is a difficult and costly process.


 Here’s what 30 Mile River Watershed Association is doing to address these threats:

  •  Instituting consistent water quality monitoring to track lake health            
  •  Organizing volunteers to survey for invasive plants
  •  Educating landowners about practices that are “LakeSmart”
  •  Providing expert testimony to support legislation that protects our waters
  •  Spearheading road projects that benefit water quality 
  •  Remediating eroding properties to protect water quality


We hope you will consider making a contribution today. 

Your generosity will make a HUGE difference.

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